Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things I have learnt from Physics this Week

1. If you walk off the roof of this building you will hit the ground.
I did have my doubts about this one. Lucky they were dispelled before I tested them out.

2. If you throw your books on the floor and take your clothes out of the wardrobe and put them on the floor, your room is disordered.
Oooh, that's another word for messy. I knew there must be one.

Thanks for those two lessons Rodney. I guess this proves physics does have real-world applications.

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Biddie said...

When I was a teenager my then boyfriend was a roofer one summer. I watched him miss a plank and fall off a two story roof one day.
He was ok, it all happened so fast that I guess he didn't even have time to react.
Anyway, I learned lesson number one without actally having to test it out, too :)